Project Savings

Child Savings Account

Product Description

This mini savings account will assist your young one to realize the benefits of saving from an early age. Parents or guardians are able to meet their children’s financial needs as they prepare them for future life’s challenges (Education, medical etc.)

  • Minimum Account Opening Balance 5,000 Frw.
  • Minimum account balance 5,000 Frw.
  • Interest is from 4 to 7%.
  • Interests are accrued on daily basis and be posted at the end of the year.
  • Minimum amount to bear interests is Rwf50,000 - Withdraw of 1time per month is allowed.
  • To exceed 1 time of withdraw per month can be a subject of 2% +VAT on the amount withdrawn as exceeding limit fees.
  • No account maintenance fee.

  • Saving account Earning interests.
  • Exemption of account Management fees.
  • Free sms alert.
  • Withdraw flexibility.

  • Fill an application form.