Credit Line SME

Farmer Finance

Prdouct Description

The agricultural sector in Rwanda has been given a high priority in the Rwandan government’s planning for development, and it is the same for UB.
UNGUKA BANK offers loan facility to farmers at competitive rate and conditions. Especially, UB facilitates the Irish potatoes farmers (Group of borrowers; Individuals; Farming related cooperatives) by offering them a special product called "IKUNGAHAZE MUHINZI".
This agriculture loan is payable in season period.

Elgibility Criteria
  • Be an Unguka Bank Ltd customer with 2 months relationship period.
  • For group lending.
  • Individual accounts and group account for beneficiaries will be required.
  • Be involved in the potato farming.
  • Owning land used for farming or authorization for using it.
  • Identification documents (ID/Passport).
  • Loan application and justification of repayment capacity.
  • Material Security and interpersonal guarantee for group borrowers.
  • Optional weather risk insurance cover.
  • Mandatory customer life insurance cover.