Mortgage, Project & Education Savings

Account Description

This account allows to save for your future and for your dream projects. It can also serve as contribution of targeted project to be financed by the Bank.

  • Bearing interest from a balance of Rwf 50,000.
  • Minimum monthly contribution of Rwf 30,000 for mortgage and project savings.
  • Opening and minimum balance is Rwf 30,000
  • Client contribution should be equal to 20% of the future loan amount.
  • One withdraw per quarter is allowed (using internal voucher).
  • Exceeding withdraw limit per quarter the customer loses the quarterly interests.
  • Non regular monthly contribution customer loses the benefit related to loan.
  • Property purchased will serve as collateral.

  • Customers achieve their dreams.
  • Secured income growth.
  • Competitive interest.
  • Accessibility of withdraw.
  • Targeting loan facilities.

  • Have a regular source of income.